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      Mechanical Design Engineer looking for work

      Hi, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. We have been in Adelaide just over two weeks and our main issue at the moment is finding jobs. I am mainly concerned with my partner finding work. If I get a job and he doesn't, then we will just have to move so need to get him sorted first. Neither of us feel we can settle in Adelaide until he finds work as we may have to move to a different state if he doesn't find a job soon.

      My partner has over 15 years experience working in the offshore oil and gas industry as a mechanical design engineer. He designed the ancillary equipment that goes on pipelines. Since we got here, we have heard a lot of doom and gloom about work prospects in Adelaide. Should he carry on trying in Adelaide or just give it up and go to Perth or Brisbane where most of the offshore oil and gas is? He would happily change discipline and transfer his skills but employers are seeming to want you to have the skills already in whatever industry you go into i.e water, mining etc.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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      As an engineering consultant myself, i certainly think there are better prospects in Perth at the present time for that area of engineering. That said, as a mechanical design engineer i'm certain he could turn his skills to other niche markets such as water and the likes. There are quite a few major projects taking place in or around the CBD which might be of interest to him - waterproofing the west for example. I think KBR have that one. Always worth enquiring with the major consultants / contractors in or around town.

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      Thanks for your reply. He is with an agent at the moment who is putting him forward for water related jobs and has been put forward to KBR. Agents seem very slow though. I suppose he will just have to keep applying for things himself and hope for the best.



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