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      Chris & Cheryl

      Hard to find work

      We arrived in adelaide 12 weeks ago. We have a state sponsored provisional 475. Hi landed a casual job quickly but was released when they employed people from interstate. Am struggling to find a job in my state sponsored career of greenkeeping. My wife has also had no luck, she has 9 yrs hospital experience in different support staff roles. She has tried everything from retail, hospital to hospitality. After well over 50 applications she has had 2 interviews and not much luck with them. Not sure if the visa is the problem? Any suggestions on where to look for work would be really helpful. So dispondent that if things don't get better soon we are thinking of going home.

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      Hiya...just thought id let you know about our expierence,my hubby finally got work after 9 weeks of stressing and he isnt working at his normal job because he cant get work in it,we did do a lot of research before we came regarding his work but alas when we arrived it was a different situation.My son is 23 and also came with us and after 6 mths here he still cant find work even though he applies for lots of jobs every week,he has only had 2 interviews!! We are on a state sponsered 176 perm 5 yr visa,which you would think would stand to you,it doesnt! We have met a lot of families here from Ireland (where we are from) and families from UK and some have been here since november and still have not found work,some are capenters,one an electrician and no sign of work,they too are low on money and are faced with a decision of what to do?? We met an english family that already have returned home because the hubby couldn get work.It seems very hard to find work in Adelaide and seems to be very much a case of "who you know"...we have decided to return home in sep/oct but nothing to do with work i just dont like it here and miss my family so much,so good luck with whatever you decide :-)



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