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      Im in the same boat, I got told Australia was like the holy land for trades. Now im just trying to even find laboring job on sites.

      I find Australians tend to wait to employ fellow Australians, my best hope of getting work at the moment is a croatian guy who is letting me start a temp job next week. Ive had no luck with any actual Australians at all. Do they not like English for some reason? I thought we were the same people untill I arrived here

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      I know same as its hard to find anything permenent doing bits n bats but the pay is worse than back in the uk.. Got a couple of weeks work with an australian a few weeks back n they wer good guys and the pay was good but the job finished there just doesnt seem to be any permenent work in Adelaide but I dont know if there is anywere else either rec am gunna try sumwer else soon if it dunt pick up Good Luck mate ..

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      Well im thinking im just gonna straighten out and get myself into the mines, thats all anyone talks about over here, mines mines mines mines mines mines. I somtimes wonder where would Australia be, without China wanting to dig the entire place up haha

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      Where do you live? There are services to help you (all based on where you live!), email me with your Council area! If South there is lots of free help that i can tell you about including workshops starting 31 May to help you find who can help you on your career path bh@developmentatwork.com


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