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    Thread: need your advise

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      need your advise

      Hi Guys
      Currently in the Wales but moving to Adelaide in August .
      However I'm a bit concerned and its something that only you guys can help with.

      I'm an IT engineer and have been applying for a few positions it preperation for the move. I was alarmed to find posts on various expat forums saying that engineers were finding it difficult in Adelaide. New arrivals were not even getting shortlisted because they only interviewed locals for positions. If you were a migrant so to speak you had no chance you should try further around the coast.

      On examining the posts they seemed to come from asian workers and not from classically British travellers. Therefore should I expect to experience problems getting interviews as I'm not Australian or the fact I come from the Uk mean I'm on a even playing field and I have nothing to worry about? Not a plesant topic / subject but I have to ask.

      Cheers Andi

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      Applicants where english is their second language may struggle. My partner works as an IT Engineer and has been in demand since the day we arrived 5 years ago and has not had any problems gaining work. I think it all depends on the job role you are applying for and how much demand their is, it is the usual supply and demand scenerio. If you were applying for admin/office positions you could be competing against 200 other applicants so you need to stand out from the crowd. IT always seems to be an area that has a supply of work, it may be contract though, so if you have the right skills and attitude and a good resume and cover letter to get you an interview in the first place you should be fine.
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      Wow Thanks

      Seeing some of the posts got me worried. I've been an It Engineer for years and look after a variety of customers most of which require specialist clearence which does cause some problems on a cv.. lol. I have talked to some agencies and they have asked me to arrange an appointment when I arrive so at least I know I'm not just wasteing my time. Thanks for your advise. As I'm bring my family its a concern and a risk to uproot and move but the state the UK is in can't wait till September.

      Cheers for your help




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