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      Brickwork Jobs

      Hi all, this is my first post and would like to know how the building industry is at the moment. We are in the very early stages of emigrating and we think we are going to choose Adelaide as our destination. Are there any bricklayers on the forum who could give me any pointers on where to start looking?

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      There are and I'm sure they'll be along shortly. I work in the design of buildings and work is that slow I'm out of work. Most contractors I know are struggling to keep a steady stream of work and a few down to 3 day weeks. There has been a slight pick up in March but not much. South Australia isn't looking good at the moment.

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      Hi Ste, my husband is a bricklayer and there is no work here in Adelaide he has been labouring on the railway on and off no secure work. He has also put in jobs for all over Austrialia and the buliding trade is very slow. We think Austrialia could be hitting the recetion as no one is building and people have no money to buy, people are renting out there houses as they can't get them sold.I am just glad we haven't sold back home in Scotland as my husband hates it here, but thats not to say other people won't love it, its your own personal choice...hope this helps but doesn't scare you, I just wish someone had told us this before we made the move...Louise & William

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      Thank you very much for your replies. It doesnt look good does it. I may have to change location. Its such a big decision I really like the look of Adelaide but there is no point going if there is a real struggle to find any bricklaying jobs.
      The search goes on!!!!



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