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      Telephone interview!!!!

      Hello to all

      My wife has a telephone interview at one of the private hospitals.....scary and exciting!! Does anybody have any experience of the type of questions that are asked and how long they had to wait for a decision of a job offer or rejection??. If my wife is successful after the interview......what happens next.......is there assistance with relocation costs and visa costs as we have researched it and found it to be very expensive and may stop us from emigrating if thats the case due to lack of funds . We will have to have a 457 visa and worried that after this visa expires we might not be able to have a PR visa as your employer has to sponsor you for this????? also if the employer was not happy with can they just dismiss you straight away and we would have to head back to the UK.......what kind of assurances are there or is it a case of just having the 457 and hoping/praying the employer will sponsor us for PR later??? We are using the 457 as my wife has not had 12 months+ experience yet so do not qualify.

      Thanks for your help


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      monte zenia
      Hi, Well first thing is chill its really not that bad they chat to you over the phone and ask you about yourself all very relaxed they want to see what experience you have, now if they are willing to sponsor you they will consider your application and give you the information. Every company is different sometimes they pay the costs entirely sometimes they get you to contribute first they lodge and application for you (this takes a couple of weeks for approval) then you put in your application this takes longer usually ... they can write clauses into your contract if they pay re location costs and you leave in the first 2 years of employ you would have to refund all or a percentage (I think thats fair enough dont you?) so good luck with the interview Ozzies are very chilled when interviewing you feel like your talking to an old friend so dont worry !!!!!

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      The visas change all the time but yes there are risks - its similar to the UK in that regard! The weather is better here though! I had a rough time with employers but i'm glad i'm here in the sun



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