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      Probation/Support Worker

      Hi All,

      Very early stages and planning to make apointment to see an agency to get all info, but thought would try this site as it looks abs brilliant!

      Am currently training as a Probation Officer - qualify 2009 all being well. I've heard that for new jobs, you have to have so much work experience - ie. been in post for couple of years or so. does anyone know if this is the case. Prior to this I was a support worker helping people with issues around employment, training etc. and before that a personal assistant to a director. Does anyone know if any of the above would be enough to get in? My partner is a self employed joiner with years and years of experience, but nothing on paper. any info much appreciated.

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      We as teachers had to had a degree related to our occupation and the degree had to be relevant i.e. there was no use having a degree in Business Studies if I were teaching ICT. We also had to have 3 years experience from the last 5 years in whichever occupation we were using to claim our points. These 3 years had to be full time and not part time equivalent.

      If your husband is claiming the points, then you will need the help of a migration agent. The Aussies are fussy when it comes to qualifications and I have heard several stories from people who are struggling to get their qualifications recognized. If your husband hasn't got any to show, then he may struggle. I am not sure on this however, just generalising based on what I have heard.

      A friend of mine couldn't get his qualifications recognised in SA at all but West Australia would. SO we flew to Perth, got his quals recognised, got his licence, came back to Adelaide with it, walked into the office and got immediate clearance because he had clearance in another Aussie state.

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      Thanks for that info, very useful. It would seem from what you say that we would really struggle. Another option we have is my partner has an uncle who owns his own business and he has said he would sponsor us to go across. Again, not sure how this works and whats involved, but he was born and raised in Oz so knows all the ins and outs. I guess before I start thinking seriously I need to get to see an agent. Thanks for your response. Is it all its cracked up to be? I see you've been there almost a year now - are you missing anything from UK badly?

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      Hi and welcome to PIA
      My OH is an IT engineer and for his skills to be recognised he had to go back the last 6 years work to prove how he gained his qualifications. They took into consideration work experience and qualifications.
      I think Libby is right in saying you might be better speaking to an agent, there are loads of different types of visa's and they should be able to advise you. Even if you just go for the initial consolation to get an idea of where to start.
      Good luck to you both

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      Hi Countrycym,

      my OH is a self employed painter & decorator and has no papers, we got our visa granted at the end of January. We had enlisted the help of an agent, we had to contact the company that my OH did his time-served apprenticeship with and get a statutory declaration done, then signed by a justice of the peace, any other painting/decorating employment thereafter we had to get references again signed by a justice of the peace and to finish it off a declaration from our accountant with a copy of all self employment end of year accounts.

      The agent just told us what information was required and sent through a document for us to complete with all job details, ie. tools used and for what job, how to do a particular aspect of the job etc. they then laid it out in a statutory declaration and printed it off for us to get signed by the appropriate people. the only problem that we came across was because the apprenticeship company were no longer in business and although we still had contact details for the directors, we needed documentation from Company's house in Edinburgh to prove they were who they said they were.

      I'm pretty sure you can go through on your partner being a joiner and this still gives you a visa to work.

      Good luck and keep us posted with your progress, if you need any more information just let me know and I will help as much as I can with the process that we had to go through. (which varies from person to person) but may help you a little.
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