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      The Local experience requriment

      Hi everybody,

      I wonder why companies and employers always insist to hire candidates with local experience rather than new immigrants, what I cannot understand is that, there are jobs that might require the local experience especially in marketing and sales fields, however, in other fields like information technology I do not think that local experience does matter.
      As long as your skills are assessed from responsible organization, this means this immigrant can work in OZ and his/her skills are in demand so again and again, if do not hire this candidate how can he get the desired “LOCAL EXPERIENCE”


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      You sound pretty hacked off, Tymoor, and I totally understand your point. It is hard to prove yourself in a new country especially if no one will give you a chance.

      That said, hiring someone is a big deal. It takes money, time and effort and I would imagine most companies want to be sure as the person they are hiring are as good as they claim. Assessments are all well and good but, IMHO, nothing beats a recommendation from someone you know/respect in the field. And that's when the 'it's not what you know..' comes into play.

      Still, I wish you luck and hopefully given time, determination and a flexible approach, it'll work out for you.
      All the best,



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