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    Thread: CV help anyone?

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      The Waite Family

      Question CV help anyone?

      Me and OH have got to both do CV's.

      His CV will be straight forward as he has only had about 3 different jobs in 27 years.

      Mine is causing me a bit of a problem tho - I have had a few jobs that are not relevant to what I do now such as working in a curtain factory and a petrol station and delivering parcels.

      I am now an administrator in a school and have been for nearly 9 years.

      Do I have to put down every job I've ever had going back 23 years from when I left school? Or do I just put stuff that is relevant to what I do now?

      Hope someone can help.

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      Shy Ted
      Employers aren't really interested in what you were doing 10 years ago unless it directly contributes to experience you claim against the job you are applying for, if you see what I mean. I wouldn't go into any detail about what/where etc pre 9 years ago, except to say you worked in several postions of responsibility or something.

      Just make sure you front load your CV with what you are good at/experienced in now.


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