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I have been teaching in Australia for the last four years and have not heard of this course at all. I wonder what it is that it covers exactly? Specialist teachers who have years of experience in the UK will not find the content here a problem - they are actually only in the early stages of implementing a National Curriculum that is, as yet, nowhere near as rigorous as the UK one. If you believe it will give you an advantage in getting a job, I think you are mistaken. As mentioned by previous posts, the only way to get a long term job (either contract or permanent position) is by going into the private system and either getting lucky on an advertised post (it does happen but not so often) or by working at the school first as a TRT and then applying for contracts or perm. positions that come up.

Even an initial contract would be worthwhile as you will then make contacts, which will help down the line. I don't think you can appreciate when you come over from the UK what an insular place Adelaide is and how much of an 'old boys' network' there is here. Many people know each other and this is how many jobs are filled. Having said all that science posts are the ones being filled the least and if you have chemistry and physics you will no doubt find something relatively quickly, particularly if you are prepared to take work in many locations.

You have to have TRB status before you can directly apply and be given a job, which means that until you have been over and done the Mandatory Notification course and the 1st aid course you will not be registered and no school can employ you. It is wise to get hold of your Uni transcript (for the teaching component) before coming as they will ask for this and it is not routinely given out in the UK (I had to chase mine from Oz and it was a pain and cost me a job I'd applied for.) They will also only recognise either a BEd course or a PGCE as opposed to other teaching entries (even if they give you QTS in the UK.) Not having these would mean an Aussie make-up course, which is expensive to do.
HI Beenbear
i am a college lecturer from india coming to adelaide in mid November of this year
i have got B.ed degree apart from my masters in English. what prospects do i have for teaching?
got IELTS score of 6.5 in academics. i am coming on 475 visa to southaustralia.

with hope preparing to land in adelaide.