Didn't you get them? I'll check me emails again as they defintely went, PM'ed you as well.

I can help with any questions people have re: Santos, BHP, Oxiana, Fluor, TAD, KBR, GHD, GPA Engineering as I know them well.

Yep, sure do ZX6R (the roo is because I rehab injured natives). With bikes, look at Boltons on South Road they do good deals. I've sold a couple of bikes thru them in the past and they are pretty honest. But if you want good, cheap and better range you need to go to Melbourne. We've bought a couple from there in the past (one was a ZX2), rode them back across and still saved money. I don't recommend buy & freighting. We just sent a ute down from Darwin at $500 and I was going to send my hubbies bike up but they want $1,4000!!!! go figure.

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Hi ZX6roo - any chance of sending me those details re dump truck drivers - I am taking my HC licence next week and would be interested. Is it likely to be able to find a job dump truck driving in the mines having had no other experience? By the way, does ZX6 mean you ride a ninja? Had one myself in the UK and looking at getting another soon - any recommendations for local dealers?