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      JOB Quals

      HI all,
      We are finally flying out to Adelaide in the next 3weeks to validate our visas, so we will be busy trying to find nice areas to live and jobs etc.
      I have recently completed the Plumbing GAP training and will need to sign up for my registration, i was wondering if anyone could steer me in the right direction, and point me to the right organisation or council.
      I am also intrigued in the processing times, will i get things sorted whilst im there (2weeks)?
      Well would appreciate some help please and would also be grateful if someone would point me to the best place for job searching, whether it be job centres, local newspapers or internet sites that i might not have heard of, im currently on seek and career one.com.
      Thanks for reading this and if you have good advise, it would be welcomed.

      Gary (plumbing/gas), Amanda,Emily-jo (14) and Megan (11)

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      Hi Gary!

      Although I can't answer any of your questions about the plumbing industry, I use www.indeed.com as a job site! It's brilliant and the easiest to use!
      The Advertiser (newspaper) has a good job section on Wednesdays??? and Saturdays.

      Enjoy your stay in Adelaide! We fell in love with the place when we came to validate our visas! However, we didn't sort anything during our two week stay.
      We basically did all the tourist bits and pieces, and had a few drives in all different directions, and when passing had a look at places etc.
      Some people prefer to get things like banks sorted out when they're here to validate, however I sorted mine out the day before we left the UK. (Although I would recommend doing it at least a week before you come, to cut out last minute stress!)

      Have a great time! And hopefully someone else will be able to give you more answers than I have done!
      Andy 49
      Lynn 44
      Chris 20
      Kirsty 19

      Started Process - Dec 2007
      TRA + Visa - Feb 2008
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      Case Officer allocated - 19th Feb 2009
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      Medicals - 26th Mar 2009
      Visa's granted 15th May 2009:D
      Arrived in Adelaide - 6th July 2012
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      Hi Gary

      I am a plumber gas fitter fully uk qualified with 24 yrs experience) and currently doing my training over here to get my licence, it has taken me 5 months doing 4 nights a week and 2 week blocks to gain my cert 3 which enables me to work for someone. I have just started my cert 4 which you need to get your contractors license. I have been doing my training at tafe and i have asked the question about offshore gap traing after reading your post and they are not aware of any such thing. The best advise i can give you is to contact the plumbing department of the tafe at regency and they will take you through the process.
      I will say though be prepared, as there is know easy or quick way to get your license and it is a painstaking process with lots of study time and depending where you live lots of time travelling back and forth.
      Sorry to sound all doom and gloom but it is not as easy as the visa agents make out.
      if you require further information feel free to ask.


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      Conrad Prins
      Hi Leigh, dont know if you will pick this up. I am currently in London, looking to move to Adelaide the end of the year. Can you tell me what the total cost will be for all the courses to become fully qualified. Is the cert 4 what you need to be able to work for yourself.
      Many thanks



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