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      Health and safety jobs Adelaide

      Firstly Hi all, new to forum and finally after yrs of thinking about it me and the wife and 2 kids are looking at moving down under, been to Melbourne and Sydney, love melbourne, not a fan of sydney but melbourne is a tad expensive house wise so looking at Adelaide but gotta convince her in doors of its merits as she wants melb. looking at flagstaff, happy valley areas, anythoughts advice, girls are 18 and 13 so social scene a bit of nightlife for the eldest is crucial.

      Also the big issue is jobs, im a qualified health and safety consultant over 10yrs experience in Uk dealing with all types of industries, writing systems/procedures, delivering risk assessment training, carrying out safety audits and written reports, the wifes a social worker who has specialised in the field of youth offending for 15+ yrs. Chances of work with these skills in adelaide??? pay we can expect, and also once we have paid off our morgage in uk and paid everything else off (visas, shipping etc) looking at possibly having 100 grand UK to bring over, will that give us a good start on property market etc.

      Cheers, i know its a lot im asking here but early days for us, got a meeting with a visa guy tomorrow to discuss chances as im 45 and the wifes 43 so age not with us.

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      I'm not sure I'm the right person to answer your question, however I would recommend a sit down with an immigration agent. It is a long journey with lots of ups and downs. I also have H&S qualifications in the construction field however VETASSESS were not interested so fortunately could call on my project management and surveying qualifications including chartered status.

      Do remember Adelaide is cheaper on properties for a reason, wages are lower and the jobs market is smaller however it compensates for this in so many other ways.


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      Hi just to reply to your post i have a NEBOSH qualification and have been told it counts for nothing really, as they like to see aus qualifications. So i am booked in to do my diploma in ohs which takes 8 days full time and costs $2400 through citc ( construction industry training centre). After researching the course it seems fairly straight forward and not as hard as the nebosh course, its project based.
      You can also do the course via distance learning through seek. Thankfully ohs is just something i am doing towards my current job and have no experience in the management aspect you on the other hand have plenty so i think if you did this course you would get work no problem. There is a cert iv which would be to low for you then a diploma and then advanced diploma, i dont think you can do the ad dip until you have done the dip, hope this info is helpfull and adelaide is great for everyone.



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