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      Inquiry for Software testing jobs in South Australia

      Hi All,

      I got my SS rejection done from VIC and the only state left for me is South Australia for 261314 ANZSCO code.

      Below is the listed reason for the rejection.

      Following a review of the application, we regret to inform you that your client has not been selected for visa nomination by the Victorian Government.

      Your client’s application for Victorian Government state nomination was reviewed individually and assessed with a focus on their ability to address a number of criteria, including:

      § ability to meet the minimum eligibility criteria,

      § demand for particular skills and expertise, and ability to find work in Victoria,

      § the suitability and transferability of qualifications, skills and experience – including any specialist capabilities – to the needs of Victoria’s labour market,

      § ability and commitment to establishing themselves, and any dependents, in Victoria

      § the number of nomination applications received relative to the number of nomination places available for the occupation.

      Victoria receives a high number of very strong applications for state nomination and only the very highest calibre candidates with the strongest skills, experience and opportunity for finding work in Victoria’s labour market are selected for Victorian state nomination.

      The Victorian Government uses independent industry panels to provide advice on the suitability of applicants to Victoria’s labour market. These industry representatives also provide advice on the demand for individual applicants’ qualifications, skills and experience, and prospects for employment in Victoria.

      While your client’s application demonstrated their ability to meet the minimum eligibility requirements for Victorian state nomination, other applicants were able to more adequately demonstrate their suitability for employment in Victoria.

      Your client is entitled to reapply for Victorian Government nomination six months after the date of this email, provided the occupation remains on Victoria’s occupation list, and your client meets any other relevant criteria. See our website for further information on nomination requirements:


      I talked to my friend in Australia and he said that Immigration dept. is now pushing applicants to South Australia as they are focussing more on SOuth Australia's development. I don't know how true it is!

      Now my question is:
      Is it wise to lodge a State sponsorship application in South Australia for Software tester job 261314 ANZSCO code.

      Kindly reply on the Software testing job opportunities and over all software market scenario in South Australia.

      Is it worth to apply or shall I wait for VIC and lodge it after 6 months?


      IELTS - all sections above 7 and ACS approved

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      Can someone please reply?
      My case is similar to Vishwajeet....
      Also can someone please share good Consultants names/id's for IT/Testing jobs?
      Thanks in advance....

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      I'm sorry, but I'm a QA Analyst and there are no jobs for me here. They seem not to know SDLC, developers do everything from Requirement Analysis to Testing.
      Take a look at job adverts on eg Seek portal. Almost nothing to reply for.
      Maybe for automated testers there is some chance, but still not many adverts.
      If your OH doesn't have a good job prospects here, then don't bother.



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