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      Hi my husband got his ARTC earlier this year. We sent loads of information detailed references stat decs even accounts as he was self employed. You have to send at least 7 years worth of evidence. Dont mention if you have done the vetessases as we know people who have been granted a grade B licence because of this. You need to be in OZ to apply now as they changed the rules last November. Also its electrical Machanic you need to apply for not Fitter. There is loads of information on British Expats forum on the Electrical threads. That where i got most of information to do my Husbands. The more you send in the better. We sent over 50 pages and his was granted.

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      Quote Originally Posted by AngPhil View Post
      I did my ARTC last year from the UK, just before the rules changed about living in Aus to be able to apply. If you pm me your email address I can send you a copy of his contents page for evidence etc. I am an electrician/electrical engineering and applied for electical fitter (didn't see electrical mechanic on the form)! I sent in an A4 folder of evidence, we are friends with someone who is doing it now while in Aus and they have been advised to submit the same stuff as my OH. I just did the PEER exams when we arrived and got my class A licence straight away. I think you can apply for both electrical fitter and electrical mechanic for 1 fee on the same form, so it is worth putting both on, double your chance. Either electrical fitter and electrical mechanic with the PEER are all you need for class A at the moment.

      Hi there Paul, I am in the same boat but alo unsure on what to put on my application, if you wouldnt mind emailing me a copy it would be appreciated. I'll PM you.


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