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      Social Work Jobs


      We are moving to Adelaide in Jan 2013.

      Does anyone know the best way to go about finding social work jobs in Adelaide?

      Best recruitment websites?
      Anyone had experience in this field?
      Is there much work going in social work (namely child protection)?

      Any and all info welcomed!


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      Social work job is somewhat like joining some social services job for employment. If you want to find yourself a job in Social services then concern any consultancy, any organization related to social services, Read the newspaper having some updates related to social tasks. I also want to join some social services for the development of the country and for those who really need our help in any field such as child protection, old age people protection, etc

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      This will depend on your qualifications. Have you had your qualifications assessed by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW)? If you have and you were approved then you should be fine, seek.com is a good place to search under Healthcare and Medical. If you haven't had the AASW assessment then you may need to do it to find out if you are qualified to work as a SW here, but it's not cheap at almost $900, and there is no refund if you are unsuccessful.
      If you have a DipSW then you are unlikely to be successful and could possibly find work with a non-government organisation, although the government child protection agency, Families SA possibly take people who do not qualify for the AASW....I think. If you have a degree or Masters you may be fine.
      There are a few agencies who advertise on Seek.com, Sugarman and Reed International for social workers in all areas and client groups, I would be speaking with them maybe?

      Let me know if you have more questions




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