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      ARTC Not Granted

      ARTC Not Granted

      Hi all,
      I’ve just had my ARTC application assessed and the result is not good.
      They have refused my application for an Automotive Electrician and a fitter (train fitter) due to the reasons below.

      The reason why your application was unsuccessful for Automotive Electrician:

      The Local Trades Committee (LTC) refused your application and I wish to advise the following:
      - your formal qualifications as a Automotive Electrician and employment were noted by the LTC
      - you did not demonstrate employment as a Automotive Electrician since July 2006 and therefore did not meet employment currency requirements (within the last 5 years)

      Your application for Fitter did not meet United Kingdom criteria paragraph 4:
      4) according to the guidelines adopted from time to time by Central Trades Committees, satisfied a Skills Assessor that the person:
      a. has been employed for not less than 6 years on work ordinarily performed by an engineering, boilermaking, blacksmithing and sheetmetal tradesperson in that classification;2 and,
      b. is capable of performing the work of that classification in Australia.

      The Local Trades Committee (LTC) refused your application and I wish to advise the following:
      - you did not demonstrate trade level training expected of a Fitter
      - you did not demonstrate the broad range of duties expected of a Fitter over a 6-year period.

      “Catch 22”
      I have not worked as an Auto Electrician for the last 5 years due to getting a job as a fitter working on trains. I was given this job due to my experience and qualifications as an auto electrician
      I’m getting a little anxious now as we are making the move to Adelaide, on the 10th of June.

      Could anyone please tell me if they’ve had their ARTC refused but still managed to get Jobs in their chosen profession, and if so what difficulties (if any) did you encounter?



      Caroline (33), Allen (39), Joe (4), Jessica (2)

      Flights booked for the 'big move' - 10/06/2013!!!!

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      Hi Caz&Ali , i also had my ARTC not granted when i was in the UK . I reapplied once i was in Aus with a lot more information and proof of work entitlement. Your best bet is to maybe reapply , but i have heard they are doing changes to the system after 12/2012 , i am not totally sure about what the changes are going to be or do , you should contact ARTC directly as there may be a different route you could take , good luck



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