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      Working in the correct state and how it affects citizenship

      Hi all
      I've tried to find an answer to this question on the forum but I'm yet to find someone who has been in the SAME situation. So this question is posed to anyone who has:
      A) worked outside of their nominated state (on a 176 visa) and
      B) received their citizenship.

      But if you have some knowledge outside of that, I'm all ears

      I'm in the situation where I'm battling to find work in my nominated state. I have been offered a very good job by a state outside of my nomination. The company has offered some support though, and I will be able to work from home (in my nominated state) and they will even register an office in my state (so I can also get paid from my state). The job will require me to fly to other states for work (1 week away, 2 weeks back home), but most of the time I will be working from home.

      I've emailed my state for advice and they gave me a vague answer; they didn't decline the request, but they don't seem to happy with it either. I know they legally can't stop me BUT I am looking to get citizenship. Will this come back to haunt me (I've only been here 3 weeks)? Or is their no repercussion? OR is what I'm doing perfectly legit?

      Ideally I'm looking for people who have had this same problem and have had a solid answer. I think because of the grey area I am never going to get a solid answer from state websites.

      Hope this post can help others too.

      PS: Australia is AWESOME! Love it here so far!

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      Afaik its a moral obligation, not a legal one.

      People over on our sister site Poms in Oz have posted about this many times and some have applied for citizenship etc. Might be worth reading their posts (use the forum search and be prepared for a bit of leg work to find the threads).



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