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      Graphic Artist and a chance to collaborate

      Hello Everyone, sorry if this post sound desperate but after 5 months here struggling to find Graphic job, it's hard not to think negative. I manage to find a part time job thou (not graphic job) but the working hours are less than expected. I was wondering if there are other Graphic designer / illustrator out there that is struggling to find the right job? Or you have job opening information to share with, it will be great ;).

      I am also actually interested to do/create something and sell it at the art market, things like illustration, art and craft, greeting card, fabric with own design, tote bag, pouch, etc, anything that we could put our artwork on the product and make it for sale. If there is someone out there who have the same interest, it would be great if we could talk further on it.
      if you are interested in looking at my artwork please PM me and let me know what you think.

      Thank you
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