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      Carpenters - Are you working?

      Hi all, we are considering coming over to either Perth or Adelaide this October or possibly January.

      However, reading the posts about the job market it always seems to get a bit heated and a lot of disagreement on whether there are jobs or not with no real outcome. So....for any carpenters out there in Perth or Adelaide, or construction workers....

      Is there work available?

      Are you working?

      Obviously the job market has slowed for you guys in Australia, but it is really quite bad in England.

      Thanks, as we are in two minds whether to come or not. My husband is a carpenter with a broad amount of experience but is working through agencies with some gaps between work. We want the better life as do all, but there has to be work to live.

      Thanks all, I've posted this on Perthpoms and pomsinoz too.

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      Hi Mate .South Australia is not much cop for Carpenters been here 20 months and struggling. Id recomend Perth or Nsw My mate moved to Perth 3 yrs ago and is still working and there are plenty of Agencies advertinsing for Chippies in Perth. Weve been here since Sept 2011 and im on my 7th Job now teaching Carpentry and Joinery Cert III 2 days a wk at a trade school. Ive worked in a Metal Door Factory, Cabinet Making, Shop Fitting and even had a Job Selling Webber Qs which paid more than trade work here. My partner took over 14months to get a Job and i am now looking at Moving Interstate when my son finishes School in 2014. Its really hard to get work here now and is the most expensive State to live.

      Hope this Helps Dean



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