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Good luck getting a job outside your profession. When I was job hunting I was applying for many jobs and recruiters were asking why I wanted to do the job when I've had a career to date.

Adelaide is a bit of a backwater and also it's a who you know place. We've employed 3 people in the past 6 months and not advertised once, the manager just asked around the office if they knew anyone that wanted a job. Which I personally dislike as a practice as you won't necessarily find the best person for the job.

Good point, people often think it will be easy to get what they class as lower level jobs, but the reality is that there are plenty of people who are experienced and qualified in these jobs applying for them.

I tongue in cheek call it the 'Adelaide recruitment method' of hiring family and friends! Having worked in HR/recruitment in Adelaide it is not always the case, but a high percentage of the workplaces I have been at use the 'Adelaide recruitment method'. They also use this method to exclude people. If someone applies that they know and they don't like them or someone gives an opinion about them that is negative, they will often be excluded and the candidate usually has no idea why!

It is all the fun of understanding the Adelaide job market!