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    Thread: Adelaide - a city with few job opportunities, subtle racism and a bleak future

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      Quote Originally Posted by Howde View Post
      Yes, my thoughts when I read the post were "why not try moving to a different part of Adelaide first, rather than head straight back?" Aldinga and the other Southern coastal suburbs would not me my choice to live, as I love what Adelaide has to offer in and around the City and the fantastically easy, short commutes to work compared with what we had in the UK. Different places suit different people, but you can't judge the whole of living in SA by one location just as you can't compare living in London with living in Buckinghamshire.
      Such a good point - SA is HUGE, okay mostly pretty empty....but still, there is a lot more to SA than Adelaide, and Adelaide in itself is a big geographical area with variable suburbs. Personally, it's only my job that keeps us tied to Adelaide as I am happiest out in the bush.
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      I don't consider any place in Adelaide or the surrounds off limits for getting to if there is an event; we never say its too far - as in other side of the City.

      We all joke that when I have to travel to Seaford for football and say it's a long way, but its not really that far. In London I sometimes didn't goto a gig in Brixton on a weeknight because it just took too long to get back from, as I lived NW. As for getting somewhere that involved the M25!!!

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      I'm from Adelaide too and remember the difficulties of getting my first job in the mid 90's, however I managed it. My friends, whom I left behind to work and travel for the past 10 years, all found full-time permanent work including those who studied at university (one now being a mathematician at the University of Adelaide), and I have just this morning had my first interview, over Skype, for a permanent and full-time post in Adelaide (after three applications completed in a week) despite not being available to start work until early August and having taken a gap year to spend time with my first born son. Similarly, Spanish migrants I have made contact with (my wife is Spanish) have all managed to find permanent and full time posts in Adelaide. Perhaps difficulties in the job market are somewhat sector-related, or due to a smaller job market (a friend in Iceland described once how the job market there is "horrendous" despite less than 2% unemployment and existing skills shortages) meaning less jobs are advertised in a given time period? It is true that Adelaide has for a long time lagged behind the other mainland capitals, the state bank collapse did us in through the 90's in particular, and the impending exit of Holden is concerning, but I really don't think the place is all doom and gloom, compared to my experience in London and Madrid, it looks decidedly rosy :-)

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      From what i can see all the positive posts come from people who have jobs. People who are working tend to live in an employment bubble, i know i have been there. Its the same thing that allows the government to bash youth and other unemployed as bludgers. Statistically some migrants will find jobs as in this forum but your individual reality is not the reality of the majority. Take alook, people all over this forum are struggling to gain work, there is even a topic area dedicated to people moving back to the UK. I personally sent out over 500 applications from warehousing, call centre,
      to my area of qualification, temp to permanent, rijiged my resume and cover letter many times, done numerous selection criteria. Had a few interviews, the closest i got was a roleplay for call centre.
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