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      Help - Secondary science teacher vacancies

      Hi all, I am hoping to move to Australia next summer (2015). I am a secondary science teacher with a specialism in Biology.
      I have read contradictory information regarding the ease of getting teaching jobs in Australia.
      Can anyone give me current information as to how hard it will be for me to secure a position once i arrive please.
      Thanks in advance

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      IMHO its probably contradictory because it depends a large amount on luck and therefore different people have had different experiences - on there being a job when you are looking/available; on whether they want someone on the ground/they already know and have experience of/fresh and new or someone overseas/not currently here; on whether they have the money to pay a good experienced teacher, or prefer someone cheaper they can mould; on whether you are living in the right place in Adelaide (for them as much as you); on whether you happen to walk into the school to drop off your CV the day/week they desperately need a TRT, then the next month need a full time replacement etc and therefore think of you....

      I've been very lucky with TRT and have had more than I can handle so far (I'm really Primary nowadays I used to be Secondary ICT/Business and also severe Special Needs so can go anywhere for TRT really, but have only done Primary so far and not needed to spread my wings any further), I only got my rego back in the recent school holidays so have only worked the last 4/5 weeks since schools went back. I haven't been offered any long term work yet but fingers crossed (as its always nice to be wanted lol). I know a few other teachers who moved here and have all gained perm/long term jobs via doing TRT, but do know of (not personally in RL but via forums) 2 teachers that secured jobs without TRT - I think 1 from the UK and one when she got here I believe both in Science although don't know which specialism and one of them was out of Adelaide Metro area (further North than Gawler I believe) and the other in metro area (more or less - sorry to be vague like I say I don't actually know them personally just what I've read online from them). The money from TRT is good imho (Catholic is $280ish per day direct and $200 from an agency).

      There are a few jobs on the various teachers jobs sites at the moment as well (SEEK, teachers net and the Indy schools website and Catholic Schools website).

      If you are coming over in the UK Summer, our winter you should be better for TRT - apparently in January in the new school year there are lots of TRTs on schools' lists, but as the year goes on they get offered positions etc and so the list goes down - by Term 3 (the current Term) they need fresh blood for the TRT list.

      Don't forget - NO dreaded CS or TAs taking classes for 50p more/hour here, so they have to have a teacher in the class no matter what (a few days I've really wondered what the flip I'm doing there I've been such a spare part but I'm not arguing with rules that mean I get work considering the situation in the UK!)

      I'm really enjoying TRT as well generally due to really being able to get a handle on how things are done over here without shooting myself in the foot which I probably would have done had I been in a full time position already....

      That's just my story and take on things though - it can't be any worse than the UK for teachers over here though surely, given (like I've already said) the CS situation etc.....
      Our 33,000km ish trip around Oz - have a look here (also good for tips on equipment and holiday places ) Our moving and living here blog :)



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