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    Thread: Anyone work in construction

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      from Leeds now in Brisbane, worked in Adelaide - loved it, now back in Brisbane
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      I will pm you Rob

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      Quote Originally Posted by Bal67 View Post
      Hi bakersdozen,

      Just to let you know we are also in the process of 489 for SA and my hubby too is classed as Buidling Associate in Oz, we were originally going to Perth as we have friends there and went on a reccie in August and loved it but after trying the IELTS numerous times Scott just could not get all 8's (as he is over 40 now he needed 20 points) to get the 190 PR Visa so we have now opted for 489 but as its classed as regional we went out to WA just to check the regional areas had enough work and there where good schools for the children and we found Mandurah in reagional area had eveything we needed!! But when we came to lodeg our EOI for WA we found out that 312112 was taken off WA Skills list so our agent told us to apply for SA or Melbourne but recommended SA to us and since we have started reasearching SA etc we are finding its probably better than WA for us as theres lots of work going on there etc etc!!! Our agent has also told us that 2 people who are in construction have chose SA over WA and are saying really positive things about it and will be emailing us some information through about work and that too!!

      But the main things is to get yourself out to Oz asap as the changes are making if harder and harder to emigrate, on a 489 visa after 2 years you will get your PR then you can move to another state if you wish too, this is the way we are looking at it.

      Good luck with everything and dont hesitate to ask any questions as someone will always answer your questions on here!!

      Hello Bal

      Thanks for the reply,same thing happend to us with WA , thats why we are now looking at SA . B A 312112 was taken off back in July ,(gutted) but now we are looking into SA the same as yourself. I'm 41 so I need all the points from the IELTS as well , still going for the 190 and brushing up with the IELTS book and CD's ,going for it next month.
      If you dont mind let me know how your OH gets on when you get over there with the work etc .

      Thanks again


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      Hi, sounds familiar. We have in-laws in Perth and the place, but not the house prices!
      Congrats on getting your visa.
      Wife and I buy trashed houses and convert them, as well as being self employed Architectural Services company. Not qualified architect, so will be going for Building Associate.
      Adelaide seems so much more family orientated, easier to get about and you get far more house for your money. Probably going to visit in February for a look, will keep reading posts.


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