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    Thread: Jobs in Woomera

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      Jobs in Woomera

      Hello, not sure if anyone can help on this one, so im not expecting many replies,
      Does anyone know much about Woomera, ive just google mapped it and its a 6hr drive from adelaide, the reason why i ask is a job has come up for me, i currently work in mobile telecomms in the Uk at moment for Orange only the future is not really that bright, perhaps a dim glow :)

      thanks in advance

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      Well what can i say i have been to Woomera quite quite a few times, i lived in Roxby Downs just up the road about 80k and this is your nearest town. Yep its well remote and theres only a small town, it does have an undoor bowling ally a few shops, its all there and is a great experience for anyone living in the desert/shrubb.oh dont forget a bar all australian towns have bars, it used to be an american army base but they have long gone and left a community of opal miners and rocket statues. there was talk of some group building a rocket launch pad for satelites, woomera has a history of rocket launches by the british in the war years for testing well i think it was the british, amazing skys at night no noise or light pollution, the obvious snakes and spiders althought they are far and few between, but the bloody flys are a pain
      in my opion go for it if you dont like it you can always move on you only live once go and experience the world.



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