Hi, we just flew with Singapore (they were brilliant), we emailed them to advise that we were emigrating and they sent a confirmation email to print off and take to the airport. This gave us 40 kg each plus 7 kg hand luggage. We were actually 7kg over and they were fine about it.
Hope this helps

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No probs Karen, it's great to be at this end of the process & able to help others. I'll send you it today.
No set date as yet, I start my new job at RAH mid March & ideally wanted to be there asap & for as long as possible before starting work again, however our property here is yet to sell, but if it doesn't before end of Feb we'll just come over 1st week of March & deal with the sale from there, we want out of here ASAP!!
We're staying in Melrose park with a friend for the first few months, until we find either sum land to do a self-build or a property to develop.
Port Noarlunga is a beautiful sea-side suburb, we went snorkelling there once & had a great day, lucky you! Where are you intending to go afterwards? Are you well organised with shipping etc.? We're almost there, its just frustrating I can't actually pack anything as we've hired a company who do the packing for us, so one room is just full of piles of stuff! Is the standard baggage allowance 30k with Singapore? Have you e-mailed them to inform them you are emigrating? as I've read elsewhere on here of people doing that & they get a further complementary increase, I'm going to try when I book our flights! Mandi x