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      Have fun & make new friends :)

      Hi everyone,

      I work for a company called Minda Incorporated. Minda is a large organisation supporting people with an Intellectual Disability.
      Minda is an Organisation that supports people to have equal opportunity and full participation and inclusion in society. This can be sometimes difficult due to limited resources such as finance and staffing.

      We are always looking for volunteers, I know what you are saying, ‘I’m busy enough’, however there are no set hours. This could be useful if you are wanting a career in the care industry, or if you are studying. Some people do this whilst completing there Cert 3 in Disability to gain experience, maybe you are struggling to find work and voluntary work always looks good on your Resume.

      You can volunteer for as many hours as you like, 1hr a week if you wish, it maybe to support a person with a particular activity, something you both enjoy like swimming, walking, maybe a voluntary job they participate in, or it may just be to provide some company. If you were to volunteer we would match you with someone you felt comfortable with and vice versa and there would be several meetings before you went on outings together.

      I am also looking for organisation's that may want a volunteer, some of the people we support are looking for a volunteer role in the community and would be guided through any tasks they were set. For example, we have quite a few people at present in the community working in libraries, Op shop's, delivering meal's on wheel's etc.

      I would like to emphasise that you don't have to give up much time, as much or as little as you can spare. I did voluntary work when I was in the UK, not only was it rewarding, I could see the difference I was making to people’s lives, the pleasure I got when the person’s face lit up when I arrived at the house. It looked great on my Resume when I applied for jobs, and gave me valuable experience; it’s also a great way to make friends if you are new to the area.

      If anyone is at all interested or knows of anyone that is, please feel free to PM me with any questions.

      Thanks Jo
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