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      printers & shift work

      Hello again,

      A quick question to any printers: hubby works "continental shift" in UK, this means two 12 hour days followed by two 12 hour nights, then 4 days off. This means he ends up working more weekends (and bank holidays) than he is at home. As I am a teaching assitant and our three children are at school, he spends more time at home on his own than he does with us. As quality family time is a major motivation for our move, my question is, are shifts any better Down Under?

      Thanks for your help!

      Andrew 40
      Sally 39
      Kayleigh 12
      Jodie 9
      Matt 7

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      the o'shea's
      Hi Sally

      Most printers out here work the treble shift, early, lates and nights. No 12 hour shifts. Only two main printers in Adelaide, and they are PMP/Griffin press and Cadillac.

      Hope this helps

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      Not heard of any companies doing continentials - hubby did that at home and loved them.
      Most places only normally do 2 shifts - some bigger companies do 3.
      20% extra for afternoons, 30% for nights.
      My hubby works permanent afternoons , but company has agreed he can do 2 weeks of afternoons and a week of mornings to spend more time with the kids.

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      Thanks for your replies guys, good to hear there are no 12 hour shifts. Andrew's not afraid of hard work but his company is running him into the ground here, constantly cutting manpower but expecting the same output. I think it must be against health and safety too, certain jobs need more than one person but they're expected to get on with it alone. He would be so happy to get into some kind of routine that involves working Monday to Friday with weekends off (or for overtime!).

      Thanks again,
      Sally x


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