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    Thread: Farming/fruit picking or packing

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      Farming/fruit picking or packing

      Hi everyone!
      I'm looking at doing some fruit packing/picking or farming work for 3 months to qualify me for my 2nd year visa. I currently work 3 nights and 1 morning a week as a pa for a man with cerebral palsy. I really wanted to get starting as soon as poss and was wondering if anyone knew of anything around? I'm not looking for accommodation, food or even to get paid and am willing to travel, just want a chance to come back here again If anyone knows of anything please let me know, many thanks

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      Have a look at MADEC http://www.madec.edu.au/employment/h.../harvest-work/ they will be able to help with work when there is any, there are labour offices to register with.

      Most picking work here is done with tractors/machines now apparently, so we didn't find it very easy to get picking work in SA, we had far more luck in Victoria (Sheparton), although I know they were pulling trees out there due to a downturn (but heard they were replanting them now), so don't know how much work is there now. http://www.fruitpickingjobs.com.au/shepparton/ or http://www.cvgt.com.au/harvest

      We also found it a bit better up in Qld, but just kept missing the work by a couple of days on our journey and had to push onwards to get towards SA, so if you were more flexible than us should be able to find something.

      Keep an eye on the harvest trail really and just be really pushy - you have to show how massively keen you are and ready to jump when they say so. Just a word of warning though, there are lots of dodgy people out there that take massive advantage of backpackers and stuff - I know you say you're not fussed about being paid, but bear in mind that some people really really do need the money, so please do not undercut them (not saying you would) - anyone who is willing to employ you on dodgy terms (ie turning up in the middle of the morning and not caring about visas etc) is VERY unlikely to either pay you the agreed rate or sign off your visa as agreed. There are some really dodgy characters out there, so I would always advise going through one of the official agencies/offices :) They are completely free and very very helpful we found :)
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      Our 33,000km ish trip around Oz - have a look here (also good for tips on equipment and holiday places ) Our moving and living here blog :)

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      Try this

      has a variety of jobs in various States

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      Plenty of backpacker jobs always posted on here: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/backpacker-job-vacancies/



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