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      alan smallman

      Glenelg Community Hospital ......


      Just a couple of weeks to go before we come over for a reccie. we were supposed to have been lined up with a couple of interviews by our recruitment agents (won't mention their name) who have let us down at the last minute. Never mind! So, we have a short list of places we are going to send our cv's off to in the hope they might agree to giving us interviews. The list is only a short one but (according to my wife) they are based on the fact that these hospitals provide gynae (her speciality) and urology (mine) specialities. Sure is fun in our house!!!! Seriously tho, does anyone know anything about these places or, indeed other suitable alternatives? We are thinking of e-mailing; Glenelg Community Hospital; South Terrace (Urology Day Surgery); Stirling Hospital; Burnside War Memorial. Your advice (as always) is greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks

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      All these hospitals are small private hospitals. Burnside is probably the largest. I don't know what they're like staffing wise, but I would certainly email them. You sound like you want to work in the same place, but as a back up maybe you should also contact some of the larger public hospitals. A lot of the smaller privates run on minimal staff if they can. The RAH has a urology ward and a gynae department, but maybe you have looked at this hospital already. here is the webby for it just in case. www.rah.sa.gov.au
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      alan smallman
      As ever Many Thanks for the 'low down'. You certainly know your stuff when it comes to anything related to healthcare!!! Once again Thanks!

      Alan & pauline


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