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      tracy hunt

      Plumbing jobs in Adelaide???

      Hello everyone, first post on here!!!
      Usually can be found on Poms in Oz!!
      Just wondering if anyone knows what the demand for plumbers is like there? My husband is a plumber, self employed here, and looking to work for someone when we arrive in Adelaide later in the year.....anyone know how easy it is to get a job???

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      Hi Tracy,
      Welcome to PIA.
      My husband is a gas fitter/plumber too. He has e-mailed a couple of firms and they have said to get in touch when we arrive. This has given us some hope that there should be work around.
      Good luck in finding a job and your journey to the other side.

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      Have a look at past threads on this site regarding plumbing jobs. There's some good advice there.
      I know a few disgruntled Plumbers that have come over, thinking they can earn the same amount of money as in the U.K but unfortunatly that is not the case. Even with your husbands experience he will have to go back to college to get his Master Plumber Cert. Until then he will be treated as a trainey and will have to have someone watching over him on a job.
      Apparently the plumbing here is different and there's great emphasis on drainage and sewers in the job.
      Immi apparently is looking into this as obviously plumbers have ahd to have their skills assessed to get the visa, so why should they go back to college? Immi have had quite a few complaints this end so are investigating.

      I'm not a plumber (nor is hubby) but I've had a guest in our rental that was faced with this when he came over, thats how I can comment. He's now decided to jack it all in and change professions to Security Guard! How sad.

      Judi x


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