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      bricky thinking about the move to oz

      With work drying up in GB. Been thinking of making the move to OZ.
      Can anybody who s in the building trade give me some hints of things to do and not to do to find work in OZ.
      Iam time served and have CSCS card and have 20yrs in the trade.

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      Well building is still booming here, if you are qualified and experienced there may be work for you.
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      charlie brickie
      Hi, I'm also a bricklayer waiting for my visa any day now I hope. I've got a mate in Adelaide who moved over in February. He found work very quickly and is on $250 a day, not too bad, I'd heard it was a lot lower than that in Oz. Says work is plentiful but quite hard. Muck is very sticky hard to work with but I suppose you'll get used to it. He's applying for a self employed certificate which he says is straightforward. Says there's a job for me when I get out there. You are right, UK work is drying up I'm lucky at the moment have work till xmas so hoping to be out in Oz by November. Good luck in your application, I'm also time served without papers and passed the TRA no problem.


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