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      Annual leave

      Hi all,

      I have been fortunate enough to have been offered a couple of positions in Adelaide and would like some advice as to how the annual leave works.

      In one of the offers of employment it states that the salary includes all entitlements but is exclusive of long service leave, superann and annual leave costs. The other states that an amount has been factored into the salary to cover leave loading and no additional payment will be made for annual leave.

      Does this mean that for the first offer there will be a payment over and above that of the salary, i.e. additional holiday pay????

      Hope my question makes sense to someone and if anyone can shed any light on it i would be extremely grateful.

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      The way i take it is that the Salary is it!!!!!
      And no extra on top for annual leave and super!!!

      Strange though most companies if you are employed permanent part time or full time include super and holiday pay!!!!

      I thought they legally had to pay you your super!!!!!
      Maybe i`m wrong though, but we own a business and we legally have to pay them between 9% and above for super on a quarterly basis!!!!!
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      I agree - the first one seems a bad deal.
      Hubby had a job offer with no super - personally I think it kinda tells you a bit about the company if they don't offer super etc

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      Sorry i knew i hadnt explained it properly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Both offers state that superannuation will be payed at 9%. That is why I am confused about the holiday pay!!!

      This is how it reads in total.

      In consideration of the duties and the Employee complying with the obligations under this agreement, the Employer will:

      a) Pay to the employee a salary being a gross annual salary of $xxxxxxxx (this includes all entitlements) (exclusive of long service leave, superannuation contributions and annual leave costs payable by the employer) (salary rate)

      b) deduct from that salary and remit to the Australian Taxation Office instalments of income tax in compliance with etc etc etc.

      c)make a superannuation payment of 9% per annum (payable monthly) etc etc etc.

      The part that confuses me is in a) where it says it is exclusive of annual leave costs and reads to me that an additional holiday payment will be made.

      Please help as my head is hurting!!!!!!!!


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