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      Really confused!!!!!

      Hi Im going coming to Adelaide For 4 months before I decide if i Definately want to emegrate.

      In those 4 months I am obviously going to need a job of some sort and I was wondering how I got about doing that...and if i need any sort of australian bank account or visa or what not.

      Any help would be Greatly appreciated!

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      If you are coming to work then you will need some kind of visa, not sure what though. Try the australian government website that might help!
      You might find the work you get on whatever visa you get might be very limited...so it might not give a the full feeling of living here on a temp or perm visa.

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      Hi and welcome to PIA.
      As Sarah says you will definately need a visa. Unfortunately they don't always allow you to actually work! I've got the 8503 No work allowed stamped on mine Thought it would be great to live in Australia and not have to work, however after 21 months it makes it difficult relying on just the one wage coming in and also sooooo boring! After having a very busy job in UK for 15 years and then living in Spain for a while the novelty of not working soon wore off and the total boredom sinks in!!!!!!

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      If you are only coming for 4 months, how about a working holiday visa. you can get these for a year and you can stay with 1 employer for 6 months at a time. I found this information

      Australian Working Holiday Visa
      The Australian working holiday visa (Subclass 417) provides a young person aged between 18 and 31 years of age the opportunity to travel around Australia for up to 12 months you can find incidental employment of up to 6 months per employer to supplement your stay. You may also undertake study or training for up to four months using your working holiday visa.

      How long can I work in Australia?
      You can work in Australia for the full 12 months and as of the 1st July 2006 you can now be employed by any one employer for six months. If you applied before this date your work rights will be updated to the new six month conditions automatically
      Do I need to show proof of funds?
      You must have access to sufficient funds to support yourself for the initial stage of your holiday. Generally, AUD$5,000 (aprox 2000) may be regarded as sufficient, but the amount may vary depending on your length of stay and the extent of your travel. You should also have a return/onward ticket or the funds for a fare to depart Australia at the time of entry.
      You may be asked to provide evidence of this. Evidence may include a certified copy of a bank statement and an air ticket out of Australia. You do not need to have your funds in an Australian bank at the time of arrival

      Here is a copy of the link

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