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    Thread: Looking for Job - experienced Telecommunication Engineer

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      Quote Originally Posted by Jessica Berry View Post
      I am not sure how long you have been looking at this site, but maybe have a look at some of the job and career information and this will help to give you a general overview of the job market in Adelaide. Some people with certain skills and experience will secure work quickly but for others it can take months, so I would suggest budgeting for this when you come over.

      I am not sure about more casual jobs being available in the summer, are you thinking of the lead up to Christmas? It also depends what kind of casual work you would be looking for. For example I know of an organisation that advertised a short term casual clerical position and they had 500 applications.
      Nice advice Jessica. Thank You.

      Yes, I am new to this site and yes, I have started looking everywhere.

      We have been saving every penny we could for the initial struggle after moving and I think now we can budget for about one year in Adelaide. But actually I don't want to spend any of this savings unless I am bound to. That's why I am ready to do any casual job for survival. And when I say any, I mean any. Until I get a job in my domain, I am ready to perform any lawful work, and clerical job sounds good in this aspect.

      Again thank you very much for your insight and advice.
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      Knowing the clerical job I mentioned above, it would be unlikely that you would secure the position as they would receive applications from people with a background in clerical/admin work that would be more suited.

      As mentioned previously there can be a lot of competition for casual vacancies so just take that into consideration. Good luck.


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