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    Thread: HGV1 Licence

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      HGV1 Licence

      Can any one tell me what the equivilent HGV 1 licence is in Aus and what licence do you need for a B Double

      Thanks for any help. :lol:

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      gday mate hgv1 equivalant over ere is a heavy combination licence < hc>
      u will av to do an assesment course to change ur licence,can drive on uk 4 3mths but companies will not employ u 4 insurance purposes.to get b double u must av held an oz licence 4 12 mths then u take a theory test accompanied with a medical report then u can train 4 road train licence which is also the same as the b double ok.when u get to adelaide mate try linfox for work u may av to go througgh agency but once u r in it is a very good company to work for . they r the largest indepndently owned transport in oz.

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      So if you are a HGV driver, and you can do theory until you have oz license for 12 months, what do you do for work in the meantime!!!



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