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      Visas/ Journalist enquiry

      Hi All,

      I'm a journalist at the Advertiser. I'm interested in your experiences in getting visas to come to Australia - business is saying the process needs to be streamlined as it takes too long to get skilled people over here and proving your skills through the TRA for example seems to be a stumbling block. If anyone has anything they'd like to share, please email me at englandc@adv.newsltd.com.au My Name is Cameron England and I am the chief business reporter.

      cheers, and welcome to Adelaide.

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      Hi Cameron and welcome to PIA. My you're a brave man!

      I'm sure that you will be inundated with replies - people waiting forever, paying out loads of money, fighting to prove their skills even though they've been doing them for years, having to pay to get certificates and licences and then sometimes getting here to find their required skill has no vacancies (ie telecommunications)!
      Still it is worth it in the end just think that everyone going through it gets older looking and grey in the meantime!!!!!

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      Hi Cameron,
      I am just at the beginning of the process (submitted sponsorship request from SA) but on here there are people much more down the line and people who have already emigrated.
      My hope for the future, personally, would be that if you are a straightforward case (qualifications certificates ready, no health/police issues, financially sound) you should be able to be streamlined. That would leave more resources free to deal with less straightforward cases and employer-sponsored visas.
      Perhaps a "check and send" service based in the UK could be the solution?
      Not easy, I know!


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