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      Australian type cv.

      Does an Astralia type cv differ from how we would write it for the UK. If so in what way as i need to write a new cv for Astralia.

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      There pretty much the same, except in Australia you wouldnt normally include your date of birth or nationality like you would tend to on a british CV.

      In the header section all I include is my name, address, email and telephone. The rest like your objective, education and experience is the same.

      Hope this helps.

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      UK CV's generally are no more than 2 pages whereas the difference with Australian CV's is that they like the duties to be clearly defined and if you can put one job per page that would be better. So it could result in a 8 page CV! They are not interested in anything past 10 years. You don't have to put your date of birth or nationality as melbourneben says but it's up to you. Sometimes it might be more beneficial if you leave out your nationality. Please make sure you have your address and contact details on your CV though - the amount I've seen that don't have these!!!

      Australian employers are generally only interested in Australian references even if you have brought paper ones over with you. This is because it is easier to check on them - one would think it costs money to send emails or something!

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      donna T
      I worked in recruitment in London before coming here and the CVs the Aussies bought in were amazing - long detailed job histories, copies of all references, training certificates and exam results all bound in a natty folder - very professional compared to the 2 page effort we usually produce


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