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    Thread: Job Market

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      Hi LC

      I do so agree with you about finding work. My 22 year old son is still out of work after finishing several TAFE courses in Dec 13, - he has had interviews but employers only want 16-18 year old young people so that they can employ them at cheap rates. Some employers even tell him because he is only PR and not a a citizen they are not interested, even though he was not applying for jobs that required any security clearance so not sure why they turned him down on those grounds. He has done several TAFE courses, has a white card, even paid for a forklift licence and a current police clearance but he still is unable to find work.

      One of my relatives although a highly skilled electrician with managerial experience is still looking for work for over a year, his problem being he is over 50.

      So the young ones are not able to get a foot on the job ladder and the over 50s are being disregarded as well.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Meadows View Post
      he has had interviews but employers only want 16-18 year old young people so that they can employ them at cheap rates.
      It's very sad.

      There also seems to be a cynical move to offer back-to back traineeships. The kids fulfil everything that's expected of them, receive positive feedback, then aren't offered the job at the end of the year. Not because the company fold the position, but because they get another trainee. Way cheaper.

      I suppose that's the economic climate at work, but it's very demoralising. At school kids learn about what employment offers them in terms of psychological benefits, as well as the obvious monetary ones....but reality teaches them a harder lesson. I know kids who are completing / have completed their degrees, finding there's no work for them in their chosen field, then going back to uni for a higher, or alternate degree.

      I don't understand the pr thing, as I thought that meant you are like a citizen but with a few less rights. Might it affect what employment bonuses the employer can get from government schemes?

      I expect this is no different to anywhere else in the world, but it sucks.

      Hope your son finds what he's looking for soon, Meadows.

      "Knowledge shrinks as wisdom grows." Alfred North Whitehead


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