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      Looking for a electrician

      Hi guys not sure if I can look for trades on here and don't want to break any rules so if this is admin very sorry maybe worth putting a new topic tread in here where trades can maybe advertise them selfs... but would like to give a English man or women a chance to earn some extra cash. We are doing some renos at home in burton looking for a sparkie to do a load of work and give us a ticket on completion is there anyone out there please send me a PM

      kind regards
      tyson clark
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      Hello :)

      Here is a link to the forum rules re advertising, business advertising, self promotion and more. We no longer allow business or trades to post and promote themselves or list their business on the open forum. However, members are welcome to make use of the signature space as per the forum rules for businesses.


      You are more than welcome to seek recommendations from others for a trade or business.



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