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      Richard & Lesley

      Work Availability


      My name is Richard and my family and I are looking to move to adelaide sometime in September / October 08.

      I am a qualified Plasterer and was wondereing if anyone could tell me if there is work availabe for my trade and how easy / difficult it is to obtain.

      Are the rates similier to the UK?

      Any help or advice would be very welcome

      Many Thanks


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      Hi Richard
      Don't know if this helps but my friend who is a plasterer arrived in Adelaide in May 07 and he found work sub contracting very quickly and easily. He worked for 10 months in that trade but has now got a position in the mining industry.

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      Hi richard . I moved here in 2007 february. I too am a plasterer ( solid) they call it here. There are many different types of plastering here. Possibly the best money is in rendering and texture coating... You will need a licence if you want to work for yourself, this can be a pain in the arse to get. Make sure you bring references from the Uk.You could contact me before arrival as im currently setting up my own company doing this. My email address is leppingtons@bigpond .com if this is of any use ... Money, well name your price . but realistically if you work by the hour for an employer you should get around $40 an hour , but the best money is self employed supplying all materials and labour. Then you can charge up to $60 per square metre finished for render and texture coat. Possible earnings per week are around the $3000 mark. But be warned its F>>>>>G hard work when its 42 degrees. but this time of year absolutely great. Hope its been of some use to you and enjoy the ride,,,, cos it is a ride. Good luck and enjoy. Mark...

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      Richard & Lesley
      Hi Mark

      Many thanks for your reply the comments were very helpful, I will contact you when i have a clearer idea of when we will arriving if this is ok with you and maybe, you could let me know how you get on with statrting up on your own.

      good luck


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      Richard & Lesley
      Hi Roz

      Many thanks for your reply, at least i know there is work available, every little helps.




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