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    Thread: Mass Unemployment looms over adelaide

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      Dare I be positive and say some of the posts I just read were brilliant. It is tough here and this needs to be said, a migration agent is unlikely to inform you of the difficulties you may face. Adelaide is a great place not paradise but has a lot to offer many people. Like everywhere there is good and bad.

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      I get that SA is a bit self absorbed and I can't see our children necessarily staying here when they start seeking work but SA has been a good move for us:

      Previous life in Devon, UK - lived in a cramped 3 bed house with horrific neighbors on benefits and couldn't afford to move due to insane house prices (thanks to the massive imbalance in the UK driven by London), job prospects generally average, half the year couldn't go out cause of rain, day trips out hampered by high cost of fuel and 10 trillion other people doing the same thing.

      Current life in McLaren Vale, SA - live in a spacious 4 bed house in a safe, quiet neighborhood with views of vineyards, had no issues with permanent IT work, most days are blessed with good weather, ample places to go without crowds.

      As far as corruption in the highest realms of the land go - the UK wrote the book!
      "Don't stare at it for too long.....you'll go mad".

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      Quote Originally Posted by adelaidenow View Post

      It's of no real relevance to anyone on this forum to be quite honest. But again I can see why you chose to post it.
      Actually I think this article is very relavent. We plan to pack our bags, bring our kids and head down to Australia in a year, so we have 12 months to do as much research as possible and find which area would be best for us, and that of course means which area would be best job wise for us. Wether the article is biased or not, the reader will make his own opinion (every article in some way is biased as the author portrays his opinion), but the more info is available, the bigger chance somebidy has to gain as much information as possible and make the right decision regarding their big move.

      A forum is not a place where you present only the good aspects regarding something (as Adelaide from what I have read does have a lot of great sides to it), but also the worse aspects as well. Its simply a place where you can get as much info as possible - good and bad.

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      Only our view of the world so very biased in that way...... but we secured jobs before making the move 3 years ago, with one of us having 3 offers on the table a that time. We work in Marketing and Healthcare. Since being here we have had job offers made to us when not looking. I would say 1-2 every couple of months mainly through LinkedIn or professional networks we have built since being here. which didn't happen in the UK (to us). I would say about 50% are pushing us to move to Melbourne but we do get some for roles here in Adelaide. I recently accepted one of those offers and took a step up in role and salary which would have been a pipe dream back in the UK for us. I am not aware of any of our social networks out of work/looking but appreciate like every city in the world there are those struggles happening in Adelaide everyday. Not trying to 'sell' Adelaide or make it sound easy, I just wanted to throw another opinion/experience in the ring. Hope it helps someone somewhere.

      I am big believer you get out what you put in. Sorry to hear the stories of those who are still putting in waiting to get something back.


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