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    Thread: What is the Adelaide job market really like?

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      Quote Originally Posted by deryans View Post
      Hey Snifter, Thanks for asking :) , I hope you are well also .

      All good here, family all settled, Kids all doing well, my aussie wife has settled into "country life" in east sussex quite alarmingly well!

      London busy as ever, but what a complete mess and turmoil on the Britexit debacle, Farage , Gove and Bojo have made fools of themselves and the people of GB, oh well onwards and sort of upwards..... , markets jittery but general feeling where i sit (city-finance-legal) is that there will be no significant change for years - if any.

      Other than that all good, actually enjoy my commute 95% of the time, kids old enough for me to see them when I get back and I'm reading books like there is no tomorrow.

      Off to Greek Islands for two weeks at end of july, going to duxford flying legends today and got stuck in the goodwood festival of speed on the way to TankFest in Dorset last week because a little 8 year old finger had pressed the satnav [avoid motorways button] on the prado!!!! Grrrrr

      Hope xenephon does something good for the state of SA, at worst he'll keep them honest at best he'll upset the boys club..
      Best of luck,
      Gotta love London....


      and on a less serious note....public transport in meltdown!

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      "Don't stare at it for too long.....you'll go mad".


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