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      Are Hgv And Psv Licences Valid In Oz ???

      Hello PIA people. I hold an Articulated Heavy Goods licence (HGV 1) and also a Public Service Vehicle licence (PCV) over here in the UK. I am aware that I only need to apply to have my UK car licence changed on arrival in South Australia, but my question is," are my HGV/PCV licences also valid in Oz ?

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      ste n sasha

      My husband also had his HGV 1 in the uk but it doesnt count, he had to resit his test which wasnt cheap.

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      cornish Busdriver
      Im same as you, but im afraid you will have to do both licences if you want both.
      Im just redueing my PSV and be around $700.

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      Thanks for the info. When you state that you are re-doing your test for about $700, does that include lessons and test ? I take it that this would mean $700 for PSV and $700 for HGV ? I thought our driving licence's were International ?

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      cornish Busdriver
      I contacted Mark Dunlop at Transit Plus and aranged to see him when we over on a reccie last year and ended up in an interview then got offered the job.
      They have there own training school where you can pay $700 up front or they take it out your wadges each week like a interest free loan.
      He explained that even though the UK driving standards for cars and motorcycle is higher than Australia's our PSV and HGV is not due to the size of the vehicals.
      Average bus size is 14 yto 18 metres and uk is 9 to 12.
      Also if yoy want to do your PSV; when you exchange your car licence you have to ask for a HR up-grade.
      Hope this helps.

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      Thanks again Matt. As we both know the Australian skills visa does not include our specific skills. We are arriving on a Study Options Visa next July, (2009). We want Oz so much that the wife will retrain for a skill in Oz that is on the Skills List. Costing us an absoulute fortune ! I want work that I am adapted to. I drove buses on and off for about eight years and drove lorries for about twelve years. I am aware that the unemployment stats show Oz running at about 4% which is good news. Do you know if we need to return to the UK for our five yearly medicals to keep our UK HGV/PSV licences, just in case ! ? ! ? Regards.... Mitchkeza. (Mitch and Kerry)

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      cornish Busdriver
      Hi Mitch and kerry.
      Not sure on returning for medicals.
      In adelaide all the bus companys liverys are the same, you can only tell which company it is by looking above the doors and they use some sort of french ticket machines not wayfarer or Amex.
      Just like here; bus driver wadges arnt that great and roughly $17 to $20 per hour depending on which company you work for but there are bonuses and top-ups as well depending on shifts.
      I will try and find out about if we have to return for medicals.

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      Thanks again Matt. Hope to hear from you soon.... Mitch and Kerry.


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