can any one help me? plz i feel like i gong mad but here goes -

1st - i have secured a sponsor which is a full time perm position - can i down grade to part time, then 12 months before applying for perm residency go back to full time?

2nd - my husband has been told by local company that he would be able to secure a sponsorship - later in the year - has anyone changed there sponsors from 1 to another that can advice on this?

My sponsor is happy enough with this as i have spoken to her a length about it & she agrees that part time would be fine if we are allowed to do this?
My agent has said that this is fine - either option - i just want to check if anyone has experienced this?
sorry i know i have rambled on but searching on the internet hasnt helped my state of mind!

oh & our house goes on the market this friday (Aberdeen) so if anyone would like to buy a house with a couple of cars thrown in - nice area! hehehe god at this rate will have sitting tenants - the 2 kids!

thanx steph