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      Civil Servant equivalant ?

      Can anyone advise what the Aus equivalant of a UK Civil Servant doing an admin based job is ?! And where I'd begin to look for this type of job in Adelaide.

      Many thanks in anticipation of some replies ! :)

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      I have been looking at the job postings in the Adelaide Advertiser, I'm a bit of a computer dimwit so I have no idea how to attach a link for you. If you put Adelaide Advertiser into Google I'm sure you will find it. New jobs are posted on a Saturday so it's the best day to check.

      Once your on the website go to Classified then Careers and you can search for a job by category. I think this will help you match to your current job.

      I am a debt manager for Bank of America and I found a job profile similar to mine with Westpac. The rate of pay was less than my current salary but they did have a uniform and subsidised childcare which may make up for the defecit in wages.

      Another thing to think about is apparently the income tax (or equivalent) is 30% in Oz as opposed to 22% here, so even if you're paid the same you'll obviously get a bit less. I have only read this in a migration magazine so if anyone else can confirm please do.

      Lisa (28) Dave (33) Oscar (3) Louie (2)

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      Thank you Lisa2991 for your help, I'll take a gander at the advertiser this weekend. At least it will give me ideas what to look for.


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