Hiya all,
As I know there is a few of us on here (t.a's) I thought I would pass on some information that I have found out about applying for an sso number to work in a school.

A lovely man at the DECS told me that on the skills/major functions part on the forms instead of getting a school here to sign you off you can get a teacher/head in the school you worked in from the uk to do it. I thought this might help some people as you might get more skills signed off in the uk. You can also use references and certificates as supporting evidence for each skill, as long as someone signs you off on each one you put down.

Some special schools and catholic schools dont require you to have an sso number.

I hope what they have told me is correct as I have been told lots of different things from the DECS not always true, however I send mine off today so will let you know what comes back!