I wonder if anyone could possibly give me any advice on this problem.

I am a fully qulified painter and decoator. I have been out here in Adelaide for 9 weeks now. To set up my own business as a painter and decorator on your own you need to have your Supervisors License and Builders License for painting and decorating.

I now have my supervisors license as i applied for this around 4 weeks ago.

I could only apply for my Builders license last week as I needed to do a course to have a cert in management before i could apply. I have been told that this license could take up to 9 weeks to come through which i need to wait nine weeks before i can start working in my own business.

Apart from the license i am all ready to go. Business name bought, website ready to go etc.

Today i heard from someone some conflicting information that i would love to have verified. I heard that you do not legally need a builders license to be a painter and decorator in your own business, its just good to have one as you would then be able to get the large contracts.

I am aware that with the Supervisors license i can work as a painter for others employed.

Can anyone shed any light on whether or not i can get started or is there anyone out there in the same boat who is desperate to get started.

Any help would be great,