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      Interview at Flinders

      Is there anyone out there working for Flinders Medical Centre?

      I have an interview on the 8th September and wondered if I could run a few questions past people that currently work there?

      The position is for Clinical Practice Director and is a Level 5 Nursing post.

      Thanks :)


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      Just want to wish you well
      Good luck with the interview

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      I had a telephone interview with the Women and childrens hospital. Basically it was very similar to an interview here, they gave senarios of 'what would you do if?' Asked why I was coming to Oz, what I had done in my career so far etc. It was quite wierd not being able to make eye contact but they were lovely. I had read up loads about the hospital and nursing there etc but they didn't ask about that. They offered me the job there and then but apparently this is not always the case.

      I know it is a different hospital but thought that my experience may help a bit.

      Good luck with it

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      Thank you Tracey and Jacqui, every little helps....
      I'm pleased that I've got some notice as at least I can do the 'research' as you say, wouldn't feel prepared without it, even if they don't ask..
      Had two telephone interviews last year and although they are weird (I wore my pj's for both as they are usually very early in the morning), they were ok once I got used to the short time delay.
      I haven't got to give a presentation this time, which is good but there are 6 on the panel!!!
      Thanks again


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