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      plumbing vacancies

      Do I need a licence to start work when I arrive, if so can I obtain it in the UK or do I have to wait until I arrive in oz.

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      plumbing license

      hello. i thought i would drop a quick line here.
      i have a friend who moved to adelaide 8 months ago with his young family, him n' her in thier early 30's and kids 7 - 11 - 13.
      he used his plumbing qualifications for his TRA/visa.
      upon arriving in adelaide he scouted about for work and got an interview.
      at the interview he showed his qualification certificates and was then told by the interviewer they were of no use in australia, not recognized!
      he went to see the people at the TAFE and they told hime the same.
      he must now study all again in adelaide to get his license.

      sorry for the babel but i hope this helps you out, hope it dont dampen your spirit.

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      plumber licence

      Please can someone confirm that I can use my SCOTVEC apprenticeship papers to obtain a job as a plumber in adelaide. (i have 20 years experience). If not what qualifications do I need and how long will it take for me to obtain them.

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      now i could be wrong on this one but i think unless you got your qualification in australia you cant work right away without extra study in australia no matter what you qualification is.
      their standards are different to british standards.



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